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Bethel is a Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he is a member of and Group Leader for the Scientific Visualization group. The group's activities include visualization research and production visualization/analytics, both of which focus on increasing scientific productivity through better visual data understanding technologies. Bethel's research interests include computer graphics, visualization, analysis, and data intensive software architecture, remote and distributed visual data exploration and analysis algorithms and architectures, latency tolerant and parallel graphics and visualization techniques. Bethel received an MS in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa in 1986, a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California – Davis in 2010. He is a Distinguished Scientist member of ACM, and member of ACM/SIGGRAPH, ACM/SIGHPC, and IEEE.


Bethel is a Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, where he is a member of and Group Leader for the Scientific Visualization Group. The group's mission is to play an active role in multidisciplinary scientific teams by creating, providing, and applying visualization technology to scientific research programs. Bethel's role as Principal Investigator on numerous projects has resulted in a closer coupling of scientific computing, visualization, computer graphics, and virtual reality. Bethel's publications span a diverse range of topics that include applying Virtual Reality technology to various scientific research efforts (geophysical to biomedical data analysis), query-driven visualization, interaction and visualization techniques for protein structure prediction, domain-specific visualization techniques (genomics/bioinformatics, accelerator modeling, scalable rendering techniques, remote and distributed visualization. In addition to publication activity, he has either chaired or participated in over a dozen panels at IEEE Visualization and Siggraph, and was an invited speaker at the inaugural IEEE Visualization conference in 1990 in San Francisco, CA.

Bethel and a team from LBNL architected and developed the Visapult application, which is used for high performance remote and distributed visualization. The Visapult application, in conjunction with first the Distributed Parallel Storage System then a Cactus-based gravitational simulation, won the Supercomputing conference's Network Bandwidth Challenge competition for three years in a row (2000, 2001, 2002) and was retired in 2002 as the undefeated network bandwidth champion after realizing 16.8Gbps in sustained throughput.

Bethel received his MS in Computer Science in 1986 from the University of Tulsa, where he specialized in Computer Graphics under Dr. Sam Uselton. His thesis work was some of the first in what later came to be known as "shape morphing," and which is now commonly used in special effects in the film industry. He earned his BS in Information Systems from the University of Tulsa in 1984. Twenty years later, he returned to earn his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California – Davis in 2010 under Dr. Kenneth I. Joy. His research was in high performance visualization, which includes scalable, parallel visualization architectures, hybrid-parallelism, along with Query-Driven visualization.

Bethel is a member of ACM/Siggraph and IEEE, and has served as technical paper reviewer for many forums within the graphics and visualization community, including: IEEE Visualization, IEEE Computer Graphics and Application,s IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Graphics, and the ACM-SIGARCH/IEEE Computer Society SC Annual Conference series.

In addition, Bethel is an active member of the martial arts community in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he teaches martial arts at a private studio, serves as referee and official at competitions, and of course where he trains diligently as a beginner with 25+ years experience. In what little time remains, he has earned his FAA Private Pilot and Instrument rating, and is a Mission Transport Pilot for the USAF Auxiliary's Civil Air Patrol.


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In my many years of doing scientific research, there are a number of issues that keep coming up over and over again when writing papers with others. The following are a collection of essays that reflect my personal thinking on some of these potentially touchy subjects. Note: these essays are my personal opinion and do not reflect the views of LBNL, DOE, the State of California, nor the US Government.

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